Waste & Recycling

Safely enhance the functionality and performance with Prolec

Waste and recycling, where safety is paramount

Waste and Recycling plants have intricate worksites with many associated risks and known to have a high rate of injuries, even fatalities. Machines and workers must operate within strict safety limits and Prolec has knowledge and experience to meet these specialist needs.

Hazards on site include:

The need for strong safety management and control is absolutely vital, and Prolec is ideally suited to all the associated safety requirements.

Prolec suite of systems will safely enhance the functionality and performance of your excavators to boost their productivity and lower your operational costs. We have a broad and deep understanding of hydraulic equipment and the challenging environments they operate in. So, whilst our products are predominantly used on excavators, they can be installed on many other types of machinery in certain circumstances.

Work safer

Protect operators from collisions with overhead hazards by limiting machine movement.

Work smarter

Simple, icon-based display and quick set-up delivers hazard mitigation without the hassle.

Save time

Real-time height limiting improves productivity by minimising machine downtime.

Save money

Mitigate the risk of collisions with critical infrastructure, protecting your profits.

Be future proof

Helps grow your business by avoiding costly incidents, while granting access to new projects.

Be compliant

Meets the latest regulatory standards for machine height limiting.