Prolec PME 200 – Rated Capacity Indicator

RCI system provides real-time load monitoring with unmatched precision.


Prolec PME 200 Rated Capacity Indicator (RCI) System – a transformative advancement in heavy machinery operations.


Introducing the Prolec PME 200 Rated Capacity Indicator (RCI) System:


The PME200 range allows you to use your excavator for Lifting operations, saving you the complication and expense of bringing a separate crane to site.

The range includes height limitation, safeguarding your assets and machines when working in congested environments such as under bridges or power lines.

PME200 physically restricts the movement of the machine should it approach a user defined height limit or the machine’s safe working load.


Key Features of the Prolec PME 200 RCI System:


Real-Time Load Monitoring: Our RCI system provides real-time load monitoring, ensuring that machinery operations adhere to safe load limits, preventing accidents.

User-Friendly Interface: The intuitive interface offers operators clear visual insights, real-time load measurements, and alerts. Simplifying complex load data, it enables operators to concentrate on tasks while staying well-informed.

Data Logging and Analysis: The system captures detailed operational data, for audit purposes.

Integrated Height Monitoring: Our system offers real-time height monitoring with precision accuracy. It ensures that machinery operations stay within safe and permissible height limits, preventing accidents and minimizing damage.

Automatic Machine Control: Continually measure the radius and load on machine, allowing operators to work up to the maximum lifting capacity.

Seamless Compatibility: The Prolec PME 200 RCI System effortlessly integrates with an extensive range of heavy machinery, ensuring a smooth implementation process with minimal disruptions.

Expert Support: Our team of professionals stands ready to provide technical support, training, and guidance for optimal system utilisation.


Experience Safety Redefined:

The Prolec PME 200 Rated Capacity Indicator (RCI) System introduces a new era in machinery safety and operational precision.


With a legacy of expertise and a commitment to innovation, we invite you to delve into this revolutionary system, elevating your operations to unprecedented levels of safety, efficiency, and precision.


Embrace the future where safety and innovation converge, and precision defines success with Prolec PME.


Contact us today to learn more about how the PME systems can transform the way you approach projects.

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Work safer

Protects against overloading to ensure the safety of your operators and assets.
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Work smarter

Simple, icon-based display and quick set-up delivers hazard mitigation without the hassle.
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Save time

Use the excavator for lifting instead of waiting for a crane.
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Save money

Mitigates the risk of collisions with critical infrastructure, protecting your profits.
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Be future proof

Helps grow your business by avoiding costly incidents, while granting access to new projects.
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Be compliant

Meets the latest regulatory standards for lifting.