Prolec PME EuroRail – RCI, Height and Slew Limiter

Safeguard your rail operations with Prolec PME Euro Rail.


Our primary specialisation lies in the development and implementation of advanced height and slew limiters, setting new benchmarks for safety and operational excellence in the railway sector.

PME Euro Rail covers a family of products designed for protecting road-rail excavators operating on and near railway lines.


PME Euro Rail Technology:


Flexible: All excavators (monoboom or TAB)

Versatile: Single or tandem lifting operations

Safe: Working ALO or in possession


Why Choose Prolec PME Euro RAIL Systems:


Height and Slew Limiters: We are your trusted partner when it comes to height and slew limiters. These precision-engineered systems are designed to empower operators with the ability to manage complex tasks with unmatched accuracy, ensuring safety and boosting overall efficiency.


Data Logging for Performance Insights: The system captures detailed operational data, for audit purposes.


Trusted Supplier to Hydrema OEM: Our reputation extends to being a trusted supplier to Hydrema OEM, reinforcing our standing as a reliable industry partner. This partnership underscores our expertise and the quality of our solutions, making us a preferred choice in the field.


Unparalleled Innovation: At Prolec, we thrive on innovation. Our Euro rail systems are meticulously crafted to push the boundaries of what’s possible, combining the latest technological advancements with a deep understanding of real-world railway challenges.


Reliability Redefined: We understand that railway operations demand reliability without compromise. Our Euro RAIL systems are engineered to perform flawlessly in even the most demanding environments, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum operational continuity.


Industry-Leading Expertise: With years of experience under our belt, we possess an in-depth understanding of the railway sector’s intricacies. Our experts bring a wealth of knowledge to the table, enabling us to address your challenges with precision and insight.


Step into the Future of Rail Operations with Prolec PME:


Prolec PME invites you to explore our comprehensive range of offerings. Join us in embracing the next generation of railway system technology, where safety, innovation, reliability, and data-driven insights converge.


  • Optimised real time lifting safety throughout the range
  • Backwards and sectored stability
  • Cant detection and multiple duties
  • W6a gauge monitoring
  • On-screen and printed load charts
  • Online lift planner
  • High Integrity virtual wall and control up to pre-set slew limit
  • Slew system utilises high-reliability absolute shaft encoder with measurement checking
  • Full traceability and logging for audit purposes (4GB capacity approx 6 months’ usage)
  • Multiple extra inputs available (e.g. axle-lock, bogie position) as required
  • Tandem lifting option prevents overload between machines
  • Languages: multiple as required
  • Single display showing all functions at a glance
  • Hazard states displayed: safe; warning; overload
  • EN13849-1:2015 Performance level D as required


Elevate your rail operations with Prolec PME and experience a transformative journey that redefines what’s possible in the world of railways.


Contact us today to learn more about how the PME system can transform the way you approach projects.

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Work safer

Keeps operators safe from collisions with surrounding hazards while mitigating the risk of over-lifting.
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Work smarter

Provides real-time logging of operations, allowing review of data for up to 30 days.
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Save time

Use a larger machine without increasing the risk profile.
bar chart signifying profit growth over time

Save money

Mitigates the chance of damaging critical infrastructure, keeping your projects on budget.
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Be future proof

Helps grow your business by avoiding costly incidents.
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Be compliant

Fully compliant with Europe’s EN15746 standards for road rail (hi-rail) excavators.