Prolec PME 100 – Height Limiter

Height limiter, a pinnacle of safety and efficiency in construction.


Prolec PME 100 Height Limiter System, a pinnacle of safety and efficiency in the world of heavy machinery operations. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, we have designed a cutting-edge solution that redefines industry standards and guarantees unmatched performance.


Introducing the Prolec PME 100 Height Limiter System:


Our Prolec PME 100 Height Limiter System stands as a testament to our dedication to creating solutions that empower operators, enhance safety, and optimise productivity.


Tailored to meet the most demanding requirements, this system is a vital tool for those working in construction, industrial, and railway environments.


What the Prolec PME 100 Height Limiter System includes:


Advanced Height Monitoring: Our system offers real-time height monitoring with precision accuracy. It ensures that machinery operations stay within safe and permissible height limits, preventing accidents and minimizing damage.

Sleek User Interface: The intuitive user interface provides operators with clear visual cues, real-time measurements, and alerts. It simplifies complex data, allowing operators to focus on the task at hand.

Data Logging and Analysis: The system captures detailed operational data, for audit purposes.

Compatibility and Integration: Designed with versatility in mind, the Prolec PME 100 Height Limiter System seamlessly integrates with a wide range of heavy machinery, ensuring a smooth transition to safer and more efficient operations.

Expert Support: Our team of experienced professionals is always ready to provide technical support, training, and assistance for optimal system utilisation.


Experience the Future of Height Limiting:


The Prolec PME 100 Height Limiter System marks a new era in height safety and machinery operations.


Embrace the future with Prolec PME, where safety meets innovation, and precision is paramount.

graphical construction man with folded arms

Work safer

Protects operators from collisions with overhead hazards by limiting machine movement.
graphical lightbulb split into jigsaw pieces

Work smarter

Simple, icon-based display and quick set-up delivers hazard mitigation without the hassle.
graphical stopwatch being held

Save time

Use a larger machine without increasing the risk profile.
bar chart signifying profit growth over time

Save money

Mitigates the risk of collisions with critical infrastructure, protecting your profits.
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Be future proof

Helps grow your business by avoiding costly incidents, while granting access to new projects.
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Be compliant

Meets the latest regulatory standards for machine height limiting.