Prolec PCX PRO – Dredging Guidance System

Designed to redefine the way dredging operations are executed, offering unparalleled precision, efficiency, and control.


PCX-PRO by Prolec, enhanced with GNSS technology, is an innovative dredging guidance solution that harnesses the latest technologies and data analysis techniques to provide real-time insights for efficient and accurate dredging operations. By integrating PCX-PRO with GNSS into your dredging projects, you can achieve higher levels of productivity, optimize material removal, and streamline your entire dredging process with geospatial precision.


Key Features and Benefits:

Our PCX-PRO 3D system uses DTM models and state-of-the-art GNSS technology to constantly monitor the position of the machine and tools in real-time in relation to the design model.


Advanced Positioning and Geospatial Tracking: Together with the cut and fill indicators displayed in the cab, this allows operators to rapidly excavate to the reference design with an excellent level of accuracy. As such, highly complex projects can be completed with ease whilst eliminating the need for grade checking, over-excavation and re-work


Accurate Material Monitoring and Geographic Data: All work carried out is shown in the display in real-time and logged as evidence in the progress map related to each job.


Customisable Geospatial Parameters: PCX-PRO with GNSS allows you to set customized geospatial parameters based on project requirements. This adaptable feature ensures that the dredging process aligns perfectly with the project’s geographic and volumetric goals.


Efficient Workflow: By providing operators with precise geospatial guidance, PCX-PRO optimizes the dredging workflow with geographic precision. This leads to reduced project timelines, decreased operational costs, and maximized resource utilisation, all within the context of the project’s geographic layout.


Elevate your dredging operations with PCX-PRO equipped with GNSS from Prolec.


Experience unparalleled accuracy, efficiency, and control in your dredging projects.


  • Simple, icon-driven menu for ease of use
  • 3D full-colour progress maps
  • Fully sealed capacitive touch display
  • Marine grade sensors
  • Enhanced sensors for long-reach machines
  • Multiple 2D and 3D design file formats supported
  • 2D overlay and 3D layer support
  • Avoidance zones
  • Standard NMEA GNSS input – all GNSS manufacturers
  • Base station, NTRIP and L-Band correction services supported
  • Multiple national grids supported worldwide
  • Flexible machine model (all sizes and OEMs), including custom equipment and attachments
  • Available for mono and triple boom machines
  • Tested for vibration, temperature, impact and environmental protection to standards
  • Job creation support where required on complex jobs available as a consultancy service
  • Training courses available for operators, surveyors, and job creators


Contact us today to learn more about how PCX-PRO can transform the way you approach projects.

graphical construction man with folded arms

Work safer

“See” the bucket cutting edge while in murky water
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Work smarter

Eliminate over-excavation
graphical stopwatch being held

Save time

Work with the tides, continue exactly where you left off
bar chart signifying profit growth over time

Save money

Reduce need for marine survey work
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Be future proof

Excellent level of accuracy
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Be compliant

Export progress map on-demand, allowing immediate proof of work to the client