Prolec PME 700 – Demolition Stability Monitor

Our advanced PME 700 system has been designed to revolutionise the way demolition projects are managed, ensuring safety, precision, and efficiency like never before.


Introducing the PME 700 System:


The PME 700 system is a state-of-the-art demolition stability monitor that utilises the latest sensor technology to provide real-time insights into the stability of high reach  excavators during demolition operations. By integrating this system into your demolition projects, you can enhance safety measures, optimise operational procedures, and make informed decisions to prevent accidents and minimise disruptions.

The PME700 range, our solution for the high-reach demolition market, is ideal for superior demolition safety. It constantly monitors the machine in the vertical plane, providing real-time indication of the precise position of the demolition tool. Our working range indicator can increase functionality without compromising safety.

PME700 indicates the safe zones of the machine, ensuring that operators can fully and safely exploit the machine’s capacity. The system also continually calculates the distance between the demolition tool and the cab, to ensure that falling debris does not strike the cab.


Key Features and Benefits:


Precision Sensors: Our system is equipped with high-precision sensors that capture even the slightest movement of the high reach demolition equipment. This level of accuracy ensures early detection of instability, allowing for proactive measures to be taken.

Customisable Alerts: PME 700 allows you to set up customisable alerts based on specific stability thresholds. This feature ensures that you are promptly notified when
stability conditions deviate from the norm, enabling a swift and appropriate response.

Trusted OEM Supplier: Our reputation extends to being a trusted supplier to multiple OEMs, reinforcing our standing as a reliable industry partner. These partnerships underscore our expertise and the quality of our solutions, making us a preferred choice in the field.

Compliance and Safety: By incorporating the PME 700 system into your projects, you demonstrate a commitment to safety and compliance with industry regulations. This proactive approach enhances your reputation and fosters trust among stakeholders.

Data Logging: The system captures detailed operational data, for audit purposes.


  • Real-time indication of the precise position of demolition tool
  • Indicates the safe zones of the machine working envelope
  • Hot-swappable/interchangeable boom/equipment
  • Total Moment Indicator (TMI) available for stability protection with large/heavy attachments
  • Rated Capacity Indicator (RCI) available for lift planning
  • Working range envelope monitors system
  • 4.3″ daylight viewable HD display
  • Simple, icon-driven menu for ease of use
  • Fully sealed capacitive touch buttons
  • Data logging
  • Supervisory keyswitch
  • Available for two, three and four-piece machines
  • Customised warnings
  • Boom-not-straight warning


Experience the future of demolition stability monitoring with the PME 700 system from Prolec. Elevate your project management to new heights, reduce risks, and ensure the safety of your team and surrounding structures.


Contact us today to learn more about how the PME 700 system can transform the way you approach demolition projects.

graphical construction man with folded arms

Work safer

Continuously monitors the long-reach boom for enhanced stability while protecting operators from falling debris.
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Work smarter

Simple, icon-based display and quick set-up delivers long-reach boom monitoring without the hassle.
graphical stopwatch being held

Save time

Use a larger machine without increasing the risk profile.
bar chart signifying profit growth over time

Save money

Working Range Indicator (WRI) allows smaller machines to be used in demolition projects, reducing operating and transportation costs.
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Be future proof

A cut above the rest in excavator safety, maximising protection to prevent costly incidents.
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Be compliant

Complies with the machinery directive’s latest standards.