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Our safety and Guidance systems mitigate the risk of incidents thereby reducing the costs associated with repair, engineer call outs and machine downtime. Working faster with exceptional accuracy to improve productivity and all but eliminate the need for costly reworks.

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2D Guidance

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PCX PRO - Dredging Guidance System

Designed to redefine the way dredging operations are executed, offering unparalleled pr...
Guidance Products

PME 100 - Height Limiter

Height limiter, a pinnacle of safety and efficiency in construction.
Height Limiter

PME 200 - Rated Capacity Indicator

RCI system provides real-time load monitoring with unmatched precision.
Rated Capacity Indicator (RCI)

PME 300 - Slew Limiter

Slew Limiter System with automatic machine stop.
Slew Limiter

PME 400 - Height and Slew Limiter

Height and Slew Limiter with automatic machine stop.
Height Limiter | Slew Limiter

PME 500 - RCI, Height and Slew Limiter

Height, Slew Limiter, and RCI with automatic machine stop.
Height Limiter | Rated Capacity Indicator (RCI) | Slew Limiter

PME 700 - Demolition Stability Monitor

Cutting-edge solution for demolition stability monitoring.
Demolition Stability Monitor

PME EuroRail - RCI, Height and Slew Limiter

PME EURO Rail - Prolec proud supplier to Hydrema OEM.
Height Limiter | Rated Capacity Indicator (RCI) | Slew Limiter

PME Rail - Height and Slew limiter

PME Rail safety system a proud bearer of the Network Rail Product Acceptance.
Height Limiter | Slew Limiter