Prolec Plant Safety Solutions

Enhance productivity, ensure safety, and unlock project opportunities with the right plant safety solutions

Reduce costs, increase productivity and win the best contracts with Prolec Safety Systems

Our safety and Guidance systems mitigate the risk of incidents thereby reducing the costs associated with repair, engineer call outs and machine downtime. Working faster with exceptional accuracy to improve productivity and all but eliminate the need for costly reworks.

All of our systems use powerful technology to maximise the productivity of your machines by allowing your operators to work efficiently around hazards. In other words, they’ll be able to do the same work in less time because your operators won’t have to worry about triggering an emergency stop and slamming to a halt.

Without the right equipment, getting cut and fill projects right the very first time is all but impossible because your operator has to rely on feel to remove or replace the right amount of earth. Experienced operators can do this, but even the best operator will make mistakes, and every mistake comes with burdensome costs you’d rather do without.