Dredging, Guidance Systems Explored!

Precision GPS Guidance for Exceptional Projects

Everyone knows that one of the simplest ways to reduce the cost of an earthmoving, dredging, or marine construction project is to get everything right first time...

The World of Prolec PCX


In the world of earthmoving, dredging, and marine construction, optimising project outcomes from the outset holds the key to reducing costs and maximising efficiency. Discover the transformative advantages offered by the Prolec PCX system.


Cost Efficiency: Upfront expenses can erode profit margins, coupled with substantial opportunity costs that disrupt cashflow.

Accuracy Challenge: Without proper tools, achieving optimal cut and fill results becomes an elusive goal.

Operator Reliance: Operators relying solely on intuition face challenges, leading to occasional missteps with significant financial ramifications.


Introducing Excavator Guidance Systems

Our Product Lineup Mitigate expenses, safeguard profits, and expedite payments with Prolec Guidance Systems.

Synergy of Precision: A precision display and robust GPS integration empower operators to work swiftly without compromising accuracy.

Time Efficiency: Prolec Guidance Systems accelerate project completion, reducing timelines significantly.

Streamlined Payments: Meticulous activity logs provide indisputable records, expediting payments by serving as evidence of exemplary work.


Diverse Applications

Primarily tailored for dredging sea and rive- beds, our systems also find utility in constructing breakwaters and underwater rock formations.

Optimised Marine Projects: System features empower operators to leverage low-tide conditions, heightening speed and precision in marine projects.

Data-Backed Payments: Irrefutable data from comprehensive activity logs ensures timely payments for marine construction.


Real-time GPS-guided Dredging:


Cutting-edge Guidance: The PCX system, integrated with GPS, delivers real-time guidance and insights to dredging operators.

Precision Excavation: Advanced positioning technology harmonised with geospatial data ensures meticulous excavation.

Productivity Boost: Precision reduces excess digging, maximising productivity with unparalleled geographic accuracy.


Cutting-edge Positioning and Geospatial Tracking:


Meticulous Positioning: The PCX system facilitates meticulous positioning and geospatial tracking of dredging equipment.

Waste Reduction: Precise material removal curbs wastage, optimising efficiency across the project zone.


Versatile Solutions


Embracing diverse construction domains beyond marine contexts, our tailored guidance systems promise analogous leaps in productivity and cost-effectiveness.


Your Next Move


Should you seek to unlock the potential of your machinery through Prolec Guidance Systems, kindly provide your details below. Our team stands ready to connect, elucidate your options, and pave the way for enhanced construction performance.