Construction & Infrastructure

Building a better future with Prolec

Construction & Infrastructure, where safety is paramount

The future of construction lies in automation. We’re doing everything we can to leverage its power to build a simpler, safer construction ecosystem. We’re exploring a range of concepts, from integrating GPS into our systems to leveraging augmented reality technology to enable operators to better identify hazards and machines and respond to them more quickly.

Research and development are vital because safety and productivity are linked. It’s like walking along a tightrope – you’d have the confidence to move a lot faster if there was a safety net underneath. Therefore, in a market under pressure to respond to environmental targets, innovations in safety technologies are the key to a futureproof construction services business.

Do you:

Find yourselves working with an excavator on site that is unsafe?

Have personnel working in confined spaces underground?

Manoeuvre plant equipment around cables, tracks, roads?


Support a strong safety culture on site in a wide range of conditions.

Are committed to building a better and safer future.

Have innovative solutions to support operations meeting the latest safety standards.

Our suite of systems will safely enhance the functionality and performance of your excavators to boost their productivity and lower your operational costs. We have a broad and deep understanding of hydraulic equipment and the challenging environments they operate in. So, whilst our products are predominantly used on excavators, they can be installed on many other types of machinery in certain circumstances.

Prolec have a range of safety control solutions that are designed to produce warnings and ensure the safe operation to complete work in constrained environments.

Prolec have a network of distributors who can advise, install and support the appropriate systems.