Press Release
Height LimitingProduct Updates

Prolec demonstrates core engine for equipment control and safety

Press Release
Height LimitingProduct Updates

Prolec to demonstrate the most significant new product in the company’s history at Plantworx 2013.

New modular Prolec safety controller

The system is a modular range focused on machine control and safety. At its heart is an innovative, patented platform concept called the Prolec Machine Engine (PME). This technology controls a vast range of equipment types by deploying sophisticated modelling strategies to precisely determine machine positioning.

Within the new modular Prolec safety controller, core software in the integral PME system processes sensor data to model exact positional references. This real time machine position allows more responsive, more accurate and therefore safer operation across an array of equipment functions including lifting safety, height and slew control, reach control and cab protection. It offers real safety benefits to plant operators in construction and demolition applications.

Many existing control solutions are designed for one specific application or task. PME takes a different approach by processing machine data to produce generic metrics, irrespective of the task required for the machine. In turn, this permits far greater freedom in installation and equipment operation.

Beside flexibility and simplicity of installation, the PME concept’s highly modular architecture also offers a path to easy upgrades. That means equipment owners and operators only need to specify the safety and control performance required today, confident that extra functionality can be easily added later as workloads dictate. Upgrading from simple to complex machine safety and guidance solutions are straightforward and highly cost-effective. With PME at the system’s heart, users simply upload fresh controller codes instead of installing a totally new system from scratch.

Intelligent operator interface

A key feature of the system is Prolec’s all-new intelligent operator interface. It is a smart, rugged touch-screen module featuring outstanding resolution and unambiguous instructions. It is considered by Prolec to be the cornerstone of the PME concept. The unit lets operators and equipment owners enjoy a richer experience with enhanced machine interfaces, better operator feedback, a faster processor, clearer graphics, easier installation and improved reliability.

Gary Tuffy is excited about PME and the broader range of applications it addresses:

“PME and its safety controller are generic in application. It’s a first for Prolec as we have traditionally been strong in control and safety for excavators.

Now we can target a much wider range of applications for customers using construction plant such as cranes, truck mounted cranes, forklifts and telescopic handlers; excavators and backhoes; ADT and wheeled loader weighing; straddle cranes; scrap handlers; mowers and flails. In fact, pretty much any construction equipment that moves, lifts or shifts!”

Gary Tuffy, Sales and Marketing Director at Prolec

Allan J Hargreaves Plant Engineers Ltd has been fitting PME to provide machine control and safety for its customers since its launch in May 2012. Allan Hargreaves says:

“As a leading supplier to the construction industry, Allan J Hargreaves Plant Engineers takes its safety record very seriously. With PME, we know that we have a robust system that will protect that record.

It’s a bonus that we can offer our customers the chance to use the data captured with safety in mind to improve their productivity levels too. All it takes is a software upgrade – it’s simple and quick to install.”

Allan Hargreaves