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Plant safety: ProSafe

Prolec’s range of construction equipment safety systems are designed to optimise efficiency whilst remaining within safe operating parameters, maximise effectiveness and remaining LOLER compliant.

Safety is paramount whenever heavy plant is used. Operating heavy and powerful machinery with a large range of movement will cause damage if the correct safety precautions are not used. Working alongside motorways’, under power lines, within restricted environments, barge mounted excavators or when using an excavator as a crane, are perfect examples of this. Because of this it is imperative that the operator is constantly aware of the machine’s position or uses MLD’s (Movement Limiting Devices) to monitor or control the machine in its working envelope.

With over 30 years of experience in the construction sector, Prolec is the market leader in safe and efficient plant operations and equipment. Building a reputation for the highest quality and innovation, our ProSafe range provides solutions for many equipment types including excavators, telehandlers, material handlers, truck mounted cranes (lorry loaders), forklifts, backhoes and other specialist hydraulic machinery.  All of our components are designed to the relevant standards and are CE certified. Our PMERail Max/Ultra system also is meets SIL2 standards which demanded strict testing resulting in a resilient product that can be relied on to perform in the field.

Our revolutionary PME platform forms the core of our safety product. Variations are available to both control and monitor functions including; height (2D or 3D envelope monitor), rated capacity indication (safe load indicator), slew control, road-rail control, demolition stability and cab protection. PME is a modular system and upgrades are easy to incorporated via simple software changes. For the Road Rail industry, we offer fully compliant ALO /OLE systems which meet the most stringent rail authority’s regulations.

We are pleased to offer 2D machine control on the same hardware/platform as the existing PME safety system using PME2D, previously managed using two completely separate systems. The inclusion of machine control into our range of safety products requires a simple software update and minimal additional hardware. Something that no other competitor currently offers!

Safety systems from Prolec

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