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Machine control: ProGrade

Prolec's ProGrade range of innovative 2D and 3D machine control and guidance products have been designed to give full control over the machine, simplifying earthmoving operations and increasing efficiency.

What is machine control? 

Machine Control is the application of software and positioning technologies to make you more productive when excavating, grading, dredging or piling.  By following the guidance of the machine control display operators can typically improve their productivity in the range of 30 to 50% vs. conventional digging operations.

Prolec machine control systems are designed for excavators and other digging or drilling equipment.  The products offered are varied in their application and we can also tailor our solutions to specialist equipment e.g. subsea, remote, one-off machines.


Why do I need machine control?

Machine control use is growing as contractors understand the cost of lost productivity and excess rework on their profits.  Machine control will not remove the need for skilled operators but it does make better operators of every employee when they leverage Prolec’s superior interface coupled with our highly responsive sensors.

Machine control is a one-off cost that continues to return benefits for the life of the machine plus it can be integrated with our safety systems to provide unique solutions when machines need to be working within a defined area or site guidelines.

Machine control pays for itself by increasing the time spent digging and reducing the time spent setting out, checking and moving your machine.  It also provides guidance in blind digging situations such as dredging, deep excavations and rock placement.  Normal operations such as trenching, slopes and digging to grade are simplified and improved when using a system that guides you to the correct profile and provides right first time results.

Our machine control and guidance systems have been designed to enhance the performance of construction plant deployed in a number of applications, including earthworks, road construction, quarrying and mining, dredging and ground engineering.   

Prolec currently has a choice of 3 machine control systems

2D machine control ideal for basic trenches and cross sections when laying pipes etc. Also applicable on simple grading on batters and slopes removing the need for staking and checking in civil construction plus it can be integrated with your current PME safety system.

Digmaster Pro
A more advanced solution for civil construction which can be operated in 2D or 3D mode.  All the control functionality of PME2D but with more flexibility in the machine views and models plus the ability to work with GPS location and terrain maps. 

Prolec’s superior machine control solution with a common interface to Digmaster Pro but with much more configurability.  A range of tools specifically for dredging and piling are available with the ability to import or create many specialist tools used in these industries.

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