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On-board weighing: ProLoad

Prolec's ProLoad range of weighing systems have been designed to allow construction and quarry operators to achieve maximum productivity and compliance of material handling operations.

Accurate loading is essential for optimum productivity, to comply with load limit regulations and vehicle wear. Prolec’s Weighloader and Weighloader ADT offer an easy to use, cost effective, on- board weighing system for construction plant, helping to make material handling more profitable.proload.jpg

Overloading is a serious issue leading to fines and penalties, as well as additional damage to the machine. Some fleets need more than just the standard overload protection; they actually need to know more accurately how much they are carrying, enabling you to charge by weight, gain additional contracts, greatly improve productivity (eliminating under loaded trips) and assist in important commercial decisions. Installing a payload weighing system has become essential in today’s highly competitive market.

Our versatile systems are suitable for wheeled (front) loaders, forklifts, telescopic handlers and articulated dump trucks, providing static and dynamic on-board weighing. The system simplifies collating the overall loaded weight and is highly robust employing very few moving parts to ensure a simple but highly accurate solution for basic weighing tasks. Weighloader and Weighloader ADT provide facilities for target or totalise modes of weighing, auto or manual add, taring, multi material recording and multiple tool selection.

Whether you require readings for audit or invoice purposes, or to ensure road traffic compliance of your wheeled loader or ADT, we have a range of solutions to suit your needs, from simple front loader scales to bespoke system design.

Key benefits of ProLoad on-board weighing systems include increased productivity through:

On-board weighing systems from Prolec

For on-board weighing we currently offer two different weighing systems for construction equipment.


Our Weighloader system designed for wheeled (front) loaders and forklifts utilises two transducers to monitor the full side and rod side lift ram pressures. Proximity sensors on the lift arm determine when the weighing position is reached and these can also be used to monitor speed and acceleration.

Weighloader ADT

Our weighing system for articulated dump trucks (ADT’s), Weighloader ADT uses strain gauge technology to constantly measure the load on the machine, ensuring the machines payload is at its optimum level, at all times.

For more information on wheeled / front loader scales and ADT weighing please read our guide to vehicle weighing or contact us.