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Machinery movement efficiency affects productivity. Limiting slew on excavators, telehandlers, cranes and other slewing machinery provides wide possibilities to achieve maximum efficiency and safety in situations requiring controls on machine rotation.

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Control of equipment slew is required to prevent damage or unintended consequences when working in restricted environment's such as tunnels, roads, barges and under bridges. Prolec's PME300 slew monitor and slew limiter is the ideal solution for a wide range of operating situations including working indoors, in tunnels on highways and by rail tracks. Our sensor technology combined with our tailored software monitors your machine according to defined limits. It takes the guesswork out of setting and controlling the range in which the machine can safely operate and leaves nothing to chance.

PME300 -  Slew limiter and enhanced slew controller

PME300 is a basic slew limiter to restrict rotational movement of machinery.

PME300+ offers further options to build complex profiles around the machine and remains operable during rotation.

Other slew limiters by Prolec

  • PME400 – 3D envelope monitor (height and slew)
  • PME500 – rated capacity control and envelope monitor
  • PMERail – control system for road-rail excavators

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