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Society expects waste to be recycled. Indeed, recycling is high on the agenda for many corporations and individuals. Prolec provides equipment for recycling processes that assist waste monitoring, waste control and waste handling more effectively and with greater safety.

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For articulating machinery in the heavy end of the waste stream, for example, scrap metal operations, Prolec's recycling solutions harness our expertise in sensor technology to control and monitor complex machine geometry to ensure safe operation. Our products support world-leading scrap handling companies by creating recycling solutions tailored to their specific machine handling needs. These systems guide and control recycling equipment in extremely confined environments using our own advanced angle sensor technology. In addition, Prolec provides an easily installed, low-cost recycling solution for use on wheeled loaders used in typical recycling facilities. It can be configured to download information to a central point, improving data capture and cutting management costs for a range of critical reporting functions. As with all Prolec solutions, our equipment is robust, reliable and easy to use and can be fitted to any wheeled loader available in the market.

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