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Road-Rail (Hi Rail) excavator safety

app_-_rail_excavator_safety.jpgThe safe operation of plant on a rail maintenance site is vital. One slip or a lapse of concentration could see the operator cause injury to themselves, their colleagues and the travelling public. These circumstances demand the maximum possible safety, for which Prolec has developed our range of rail excavator safety systems.

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Load, slew, height limitation and all other machine functions need to be managed to ensure the planned work is carried out as efficiently as possible while safeguarding the travelling public and the maintenance work force. As an innovator in the rail safety market, and with more than 20 years of experience in providing the industry's leading and most used road-rail excavator safety technology, we’ve combined our expertise in safety systems and machine productivity to give you peace of mind when working on rail infrastructure. Our safety equipment meets all standards for UK rail operation and is approved to the European Machinery Directive.

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