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OEM solutions

app_-_oem_solutions.jpgInnovation takes many forms and comes from every quarter. That's why there will always be a need for something a little bit "special" in any industry sector. Whether you need a bespoke solution tailored from our range of standard products, or something completely off the wall, we'd love to chat.

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Prolec has worked with many of the world's major manufacturers and contractors to create solutions as unique as ROVs for subsea excavation to walking telescoping excavators. We offer a wide array of OEM solutions for diverse applications.

If your requirements are a little more straightforward, remember that Prolec offers a fully accredited design process that meets or exceeds modern safety requirements. As an OEM, this means you don't need to create an infrastructure in house with its expensive and complex legislative framework. Prolec can provide tailored, integrated solutions for your business that are expressly designed to look and feel as though it was manufactured by your own company. Over 30 years of experience in understanding machinery sensing needs allows us to deploy and apply our expertise to almost any requirement, from simple machine geometry measurement to sophisticated machine control processes. All this is integrated into your equipment's machine operating system.

In addition, Prolec offers a range of sensor options that deliver extraordinary reliability and configurability. We are the suppliers to many of the world's leading software and machine manufacturers, who utilise our sensor technologies to enhance the functionality and value of their own customer offerings.

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