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Lifting safety and machine productivity


Excavators and other lifting equipment have a safe working load specified by the manufacturer in order to protect both the machine and its operator. In some circumstances, legislation dictates that the machine must be fitted with a system known as a Rated Capacity Indicator (RCI) or safe load indicator (SLI) to monitor or control the load on the machine.

Legislation (UK) - the lifting operations and lifting equipment regulations 1999 (LOLER)

The LOLER requirements provide some control over the configuration of lifting equipment including the way in which the Safe Working Load (SWL) can vary as the load moves, e.g. with the inclination or extension of a jib. Where a single Safe Working Load cannot be assumed because of changing configurations, the operator must have a means of assessing the machine’s load at any given time.

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Prolec’s systems provide essential rated capacity indication for safe and efficient lifting. They meet UK and EU lifting safety regulations, so fitting one means you can be sure that you’re maximising the productivity of your plant equipment, while ensuring the safety of your staff. A Prolec system can provide investment payback as it will ensure the machine is working at its optimum and safe working load at all times.

Load Control - PME200 (Rated Capacity Indicator)

PME200 is a load moment indicator that ensures the safe operation of lifting equipment. The system continually measures load and warns on approach to the maximum lifting capacity ensuring the machine remains within its safe working envelope. The system also provides guidance and control on the machine’s operating height limit, provides cab protection, monitors machine bucket depth and controls reach on articulating equipment.

The system is configured using Prolec’s “machine engine” so will model any lifting plant by simple set-up changes and utilising robust, easily viewed, hardware to provide maximum control on lifting operations.

In addition to our basic PME200 lifting safety system, we also offer load control with motions cuts as an optional upgrade. This upgrade automatically restricts the movement of the machine to ensure that it does not exceed its safe working load.  

Other load control systems by Prolec

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