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Height Limiters

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Prolec offers a variety of tools to restrict the height of your machine.  Height limiting for excavators, backhoes, telehandlers, cranes, forklifts and other machinery requiring height limitation are available using Prolec's PME suite of products. 

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Many construction sites require a height limiter to be fitted to your equipment prior to working on site.  In situations under power lines, within restricted headroom environments (e.g. indoors, tunnels, bridges) or within controlled environments, Prolec offers both basic and advanced height limiters for construction equipment. Prolec's Heightwatch6 is a simplifed, non-expandable, system for basic height limitation. Prolec's PME100  is a superior height limiter with full control on articulations, plus upgrade capability.  Prolec also offers PME200 systems with height control as standard plus the PME400 and PME500 both provide height limitation as part of their application suite.

Prolec also can combine our systems with a variety of angle sensors to suit your application and you can discuss your requirements with a local Prolec distributor by following the link at the bottom of this page.

PME100 - Height limiter with envelope monitoring

PME100 is a cost effective solution to restricting the height of construction equipment, from excavators to more specialist construction machinery. The system remains fully upgradable to more complex systems needing control on load, rotation or digging.

Other height limiters by Prolec

  • Heightwatch 6 - basic height control
  • PME200 - rated capacity indicator with height limitation
  • PME400 – 3D envelope monitor (height and slew limiter)
  • PME500 – rated capacity control and envelope monitor
  • PMERail – control system for road-rail excavators
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