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Dredging and marine engineering


Dredging and marine engineering are demanding applications, not least because they provide a challenging environment, often with little visibility. Dredging is similar to land based earth moving and grading in that the process involves cutting earth that is too high and filling where the earth is too low. The obvious difference for dredging applications is that this occurs underwater, providing additional challenges.

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Waterways and coast lines are ever changing; riverbeds, bays and ports accumulate sand, soil and debris must be dredged to keep the shipping lanes open for commerce. Dependent on job requirements, these are usually undertaken by either barge mounted dredgers or large dredging vessels such as Cutter Suction Hopper Dredgers (CSHD’s) or Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgers (TSHD’s).

Dredging applications and equipment can benefit greatly from 3D GPS machine control / guidance. Due to the scale and cost involved in these projects with commercial pressure to exploit resources in increasingly challenging and remote locations, port developers have turned to GPS machine control to meet demand and improve productivity.

Dredging and subsea mining tools have to withstand exceptional forces, pressures, temperature fluctuations and erosion from the harsh salt water environment. With this in mind we offer three systems with components designed and manufactured to the highest standards, according to our clients’ requirements.

Prolec’s dredging control systems are suited to a variety of machines and are configurable, while maintaining a responsiveness and clarity associated with all our machine guidance systems. Our systems are ideally suited to dredging operations, canal / port development, land reclamation and breakwater / revetment works. There is currently an installed base of several hundred Prolec systems working in marine environments.

Recommended system for dredging and marine engineering

pcX-Pro is an outstanding product for machine control offering unsurpassed flexibility and performance. pcX-Pro is a 3D positioning product with capability to include multiple machine and tool types according to need. The system shares an operating system and functionality with its counterpart, Digmaster Pro, so will be familiar to anyone used to using Prolec product but benefits from unique features which boost productivity and applicability especially in the dredging and marine market. There is virtually no limit to the configurations of this system and it can be further tailored to individual need if there is a bespoke application.

Other dredging and marine engineering solutions by Prolec

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