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Demolition safety


Demolition is a dangerous business. Pulling down a building demands skill, control and planning. Prolec provides advanced demolition safety systems, tailor made for the high-reach demolition market. `

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In recent years the size and reach capabilities of high and ultra high reach demolition machines, along with their deployment, has increased dramatically, as a result demolition stability monitors (DSMs) or often referred to as safe working envelope monitors are become increasingly used in today’s highly competitive demolition market.

Prolec’s tailor made solution for the high-reach demolition market is ideal for complete demolition safety. Sitting on the PME platform, it offers all the features of our machine envelope monitoring with additional functionality to accommodate the many extra tools and higher loads typically found on high-reach demolition machinery.

Our PME700 (Demolition stability monitor) constantly monitors the machine across all planes providing full colour, real time indication of the precise position of the machine. Should stability be compromised, the system will indicate on approach to exceeding the safe working range of the machine ensuring you can work right up to the edge of the machines safe working envelope. This extended reach allows the operation an additional working area, which gives the contractor not only increased functionality, but also the ability to use a smaller machine, reducing both operating and transportation costs of the machine.  The system utilises a “warn-only” function due to the requirements for maintaining machine functionality during demolition operations.

In addition the system can be tailored to include overload, tool weight, drop zone protection and a range of other functions suitable for individual designs of long reach equipment.

Offered as an OEM machine manufacturers’ option, this system can be modified to incorporate extra sections and automated job specific tool selection to meet the requirements of the customer.

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