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Cargo handling

app_-_cargo_handling.jpgContainerisation has been a boon to the cargo industry. However, there are some products and applications that don't fit a "box" solution. In these instances, a cargo crane is a necessary part of the port handling process.

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Cargo handling cranes are complex, highly engineered equipment solutions that can cost six figure sums, so the provision of a system to control and direct these cranes is highly desirable. Prolec's OEM solutions make use of its extensive expertise in machine geometry, sensors and MMIs to provide a solution tailored to the customer's specific requirement for machine control. Prolec will tailor the solution so that it becomes an intrinsic part of the OEM's own product with the end customer unaware of the machine control solution's origin. We have both the breadth of experience and a formalised design process that meets stringent legislative and technical requirements.

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