Prolec Smart Protection

Inspection. Prevention. Certification.

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Prolec Smart Protection

Inspection. Calibration. Parts.

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Prolec Smart Protection

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Keep your Prolec product at top efficiency with our Smart Product Protection. 

Save costs by diagnosing service needs early and avoiding potential breakdowns with our inspection package or get piece of mind that we have you covered by receiving an annual calibration, inspection and parts with our extended warranty cover. 






Inspection package 

  • Proactive diagnosis
  • Licensed inspection document
  • Approved James Fisher Prolec Report
  • Peace of Mind


Less than £1.50* a day





Warranty package

  • Inspection package plus:
  • Extended product warranty
  • Calibration
  • Parts included


Less than £2.00* a day




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Proactively diagnose and prevent potential breakdowns by having our in-house engineers assess your product and identify service needs. Receive an inspection certificate to prove your product meets health and safety standards.


More information

Our expert engineers protect you against potential breakdowns with an annual inspection and calibration to identify service needs and, subject to initial inspection, we’ll provide parts following any faults, should you ever need them.



   Please note: prices are determined by the age of your Prolec product at the time of registering for extended warranty, the package option selected and the length of extended warranty chosen. 

   James Fisher Prolec does not offer extended warranty on machines over five years of age.


  *excludes labour and travel