Slew limiters

Limiting slew on construction equipment to safeguard your machine and assets when working in congested environments.

Controlling the slew of any machine used in construction is an important part of the safety and productivity equation. This is a part of the site safety puzzle that is often overlooked by contractors and their operators but can be simply addressed with the right equipment.

Construction machinery will often be working in spaces that, without any slew limiter, could lead to damage to both the machine, assets and staff on site e.g. working in a central reservation of a motorway; working beside a rail track. Controlling slew is a matter like height control, understanding machine geometry and movement and then integrating this with software designed to the appropriate standards.

James fisher Prolec’s Slew limiting systems:

After fitting a James Fisher Prolec slew limiter, you can prove you’ve met a standard and demonstrate a safe system of work.

Fitting one of our slew limiters solves challenges that “simple” systems cannot hope to meetConventional systems often experience variability or loss of count on the slew angle due to the working environment (dirt, grease, slew ring eccentricity). James Fisher Prolec’s systems are designed to constantly reference to a known location and monitor their position 20 times per second, offering a higher degree of design integrity when compared with competing systems offered by non-specialist companies.

James Fisher Prolec’s slew limiters are highly configurable and offer many benefits to the user from simple angular slew to more complex “virtual wall” control; supervisor control on setting limits or failsafe options. Our slew limiting systems all provide a detailed log of operations, aiding compliance in heavily mandated industries

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Slew limiters