Compliant solutions for the rail industry that drive productivity and safety on track.

Designed specifically for the road-rail market, Rail Pro combines a full range of controls on load, height and slew as well as a range of other inputs to comply with the rigorous UKRIS1530 and Europe’s EN15746 standards for road-rail (hi-rail) excavators working both on and off track.

Almost all track operating bodies (e.g. Network Rail) will have their own standards to which the maintenance bodies need to comply. This will heavily prescribe machine functionality and safe working practices on and around rail tracks. James Fisher Prolec’s expertise in machine movement and control ensures rail equipment is productive, safe and most of all, compliant to the standards imposed, in this most safety critical industry. James Fisher Prolec’s solution for RRV’s, PMERail has been used in countries from the UK, around Europe, in Asia and in Australia, in numerous and differing legislative environments with positive and compliant results.

The PMERail system comes with multiple inputs and duties as standard ensuring it operates optimally regardless of rail conditions and its current orientation. Like all our safety systems, PMERail provides full logging of operation and driver behaviour for later retrieval and playback, storing up to 30 days worth of data.

For more information, please read the PMERail user manual. 

Equally, if you're already looking to purchase a system, please find a distributor using the link below or contact us for more bespoke requirements.



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  • Excavators

  • Backhoe loaders

  • Telehandlers

  • Truck-mounted cranes

  • Forklifts

  • Mobile cranes

  • Special purpose machines

  • Fully compliant to local rail authority codes

  • Maximises lifting and slewing capability through unique hardware

  • Multiple inputs and duties available without further cost

  • Configurable to include external trailer inputs

  • Tandem lift function available

  • Backwards and sectored stability
  • Tandem lifting control mode
  • On-screen and printed load charts
  • Lift planner program supplied separately for input to MMI
  • Flexible sectored duties down to 1°
  • High performance height and slew limiter
  • Virtual wall can be set either side or both
  • High-reliability slew encoder with measurement checking
  • Multiple duties for differing conditions (e.g cant)
  • Axle lock inputs for controlling movement
  • SIL2 equivalent safety (performance level D) for RCI, height and slew functionality
  • Full traceability and logging for audit purposes (approximately 30 days usage) 
  • In-gauge lock function 
  • Key switches (override and supervisor) provided
  • Sensors: failsafe as standard (rail operator dependant)
  • Context-specific icons displaying current state of load and envelope control 
  • On screen display of pre-set limits; axle and cant status
  • Full traceability and fault finding on screen and via downloadable data log
  • Tandem lifting option prevents overload between machines (hardware required)
  • London Underground mode - other rail approvals on request
  • Multiple extra inputs as needed e.g. trailer, speed, axle-lock (extra hardware may be required)
  • Multiple lifting points: set separate lifting points with individual load characteristics
  • Access control privileges
  • Languages: multiple as required (extra cost may be incurred)
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PMERail - road rail (hi-rail) excavator controller

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