Rated capacity indicators (RCI)

Maximise asset performance and regulatory compliance in lifting and carrying operations with James Fisher Prolec.

Fitting an RCI is not simply a safety decision. Getting the most out of your equipment needs more than a simple on/off switch. Knowing what your machine can lift in the full range of movement, especially in the case of non-traditional lifting equipment, will mean you can lower costs through only hiring specialist equipment outside the limits of your own rated equipment. Just as importantly, the machine will repay your investment in improved operator behaviours (any overloads or incidents are logged) and as a result, lower wear and tear on the machine as you use it within its capabilities.

James Fisher Prolec's solutions for Rated Capacity Indication (RCI) enable construction equipment to maintain a safe load across the machine's full working range, ensuring fleet operators safeguard their machines, people and surrounding environment whilst also allowing operators to better utilise the safe lifting capacity of the machine.

As standard, James Fisher Prolec’s RCI systems provide operators with a real-time indication of the machine's utilisation of its safe working capacity. James Fisher Prolec also offers multiple variants that integrate with the machine's hydraulics to physically restrict the machine via ‘motion cuts’ should it become unstable when lifting.

Regulatory compliance:

Most countries mandate by code that you provide a rated capacity indicator (commonly referred to as a Load Moment Indicator) to inform the operator when the machine is reaching its load limit and stability is compromised. James Fisher Prolec’s RCI systems ensure that your machines are compliant by allowing operators to make full use of the capacity of the machine whilst also ensuring regulatory compliance and enabling you to tender for work with major infrastructure project firms.

If you would like to find out more about our rated capacity indicators, please get in touch.

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Rated capacity indicators

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