Combining two conventional functions into one integrated solution, PME400 is a highly configurable system for customers needing height and slew limitation.

James Fisher Prolec's height and slew limiter was designed to control the movement of a machine in all planes, vertical and horizontal, providing a 3D envelope of control around the machine.

Ideal for use in confined spaces, such as when working under bridges or below power lines for example, the system offers multiple options for control, combining a traditional slew limiter with a height limiter in one integrated solution. Employing such a system will allow you to protect both your machine and assets within any zone within the machine's reach.  

The system comes with a high resolution, daylight-viewable screen/input device allowing multiple configurations of the envelope to be described, monitored and controlled. As with all our safety products, optional motion cuts on any hydraulic motion is possible allowing both monitoring and control of the machine’s movement.

Equally, if you're already looking to purchase a system, please find a distributor using the link below or contact us for more bespoke requirements.



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Prolec Smart Product Protection




Protect my product
  • Excavators

  • Truck-mounted cranes

  • Mobile cranes

  • Special purpose machines

  • Fits any equipment with virtually no hardware change

  • Fully compliant to relevant codes

  • Options to monitor cab and depth as well as reach and slew

  • Compatible with OEM design requirements for envelope monitoring

  • Real-time machine position monitored providing an immediate warning of approach to a limit
  • Audible and visual alarm at or near limits
  • Full data logging of all actions including alarms and limit warnings
  • Displays safe movement options when at or near limit
  • Override for supervisors on screen
  • Simple or complex height limits can be set to match working profile (e.g. tunnels)
  • Complex slew profiles (e.g. dual wall) possible
  • Context-specific icons display status on screen
  • Multiple duties possible for alternative boom/tool configurations
  • External keyswitch, alarm and beacon inputs possible
  • Hydraulic control on movement at limit
  • Telescoping boom inputs
  • Multiple and complex boom configurations
  • Alternative language files selectable
  • Alternative angle sensor inputs
  • Failsafe variants 
  • Control on depth, maximum and minimum radius
  • Full cab protection including complex shapes and movements
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PME400 – 3D envelope monitor (height/slew)

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