James Fisher Prolec has developed PME to capture machine data, position and load in one package.

PME brings our experience in sensor technology and safety systems to a platform designed to hold all machine data in one easily installed unit. PME has been designed for use in construction plant for any application requiring safety, monitoring, control or guidance. PME represents a significant departure from traditional systems – it is a modular, integrated system that controls both safety and efficiency functions, previously managed separately, in one simple to install and calibrate system.

Currently, many solutions are application or task specific. In contrast, PME takes machine data and makes it generic regardless of the task required, allowing much more freedom in installation and operation of machines. This means real flexibility, simple installation and set-up, and a defined upgrade path from simple to complex machine safety and guidance solutions. Upgrades are largely software-based, so there is limited upgrade hardware needed.

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2D Pro has launched! More products will be added to the James Fisher Prolec portfolio so please look out for further exciting developments.


Prolec is renowned for its safety. Safety is at the heart of PME and the system has been tested and type approved under European legislation, the most stringent in the world.

The full range of safety equipment available as a PME product is:

  • PME100 – height limiter
  • PME200 – rated capacity indicator and controller
  • PME300 – slew limiter
  • PME400 – 3D envelope monitor
  • PME500 – rated capacity control and envelope monitor
  • PME700 – demolition stability monitor
  • PMERail – control system for road-rail excavators

PME offers control on many levels. In all applications you can control your machine using the inherent flexibility and functionality of the I/O that comes as standard with PME. If you can measure it, you can control it through signals to the machine’s hydraulics to stop motion. Similarly, your control isn’t limited to the machine responding to sensor input. PME puts you in charge of setting parameters through an intuitive GUI provided on our range of screens. Simple, easy-to-use menus and input allow a range of control options to be set for all our systems, especially those relating to the safety of lifting equipment.

Recognising that the OEM has a need to understand machine operation and position, Prolec has also developed PME to integrate easily into any OEM’s system. PME is CAN based with simple input and output plus massive memory storage so it can sit at the heart of a machine control network providing control and feedback on the machine.

All major components sit in the “safety controller” sealed to an industry best IP69K rating, so the system can be installed out of the way and in a location convenient for the user, regardless of the environment.

PME's reporting capabilities are a fundamental component of the system. Designed with safety at its heart, PME functions independently of a machine’s own control system and will act like a “black box” recorder if any incidents occur. Other parameters (e.g., engine revs, tyre pressure, hydraulic pressures) can be incorporated into the controller to log and give a richer information stream to the OEM or end user as required.

Prolec’s systems cover a wide range of displays from simple indication to the largest screen capable of running complex guidance operations. All screens are compatible with the major applications in safety and guidance (subject to prior checks and operating systems).