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PMX enables machines to complete different tasks on site without the need for the operator to cancel or
reset the machines operating limits meaning that asset integrity and safety is maintained at all times.







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Project assurance

Today's major construction projects from highway in busy urban areas with new construction or renewal increasingly necessitate operation in close proximity to the public.

It calls for innovation in work practices, new technology adoption and industry wide investment to reduce risk as low as reasonably practical for the public, site workers and projects as a whole.

PMX takes the safety of equipment used to work in SRN applications to a new higher and safer standard, while providing the practical benefits of ALR working to the highway industry



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 Deploying PMX


PMX facilitates the geo-fencing of fixed hazards, such as pedestrian thoroughfares, adjacent public roads, overhead cables and structures across site.

For the first time, mapping of such hazards transfers from multiple plant operators setting individual limits to the skilled site level, significantly reducing the risk of human error and enhancing productivity by up to 30%*.

Hazards can be easily mapped using a turnkey GPS rover equipped with a Prolec mapping application or via a site survey using established mapping techniques. Surveys are imported into the machine control system and activated.


Once imported, the system continuously monitors the machine's location to create a safe working envelope as it moves location.

Different tasks can be completed without the need for operators to cancel or reset their operating limits meaning asset integrity and safety is maintained at all times. 

PMX supports any number of equipped machines from the same hazards, allowing plant to be deployed more efficiently with systems active and safety assured.  

*productivity improvement is calculated as a comparison between time taken for an operator using an existing safety systems to form a safe working envelope by an un-trained operator multiplied by a given number of machine movements on a daily basis  

Why PMX?

  • Reduction in operational risk to adjacent live traffic lanes, infrastructure and site personnel
  • Fixed site hazards and safe working zones defined before plant commences work, proactively reducing risk of incident
  • Safe working zones set for the machine, not by the machine
  • Equipped machines can all reference the same hazard map and exclusion zones for standardisation of safe working


  • Productivity increase of up to 30% compared with existing systems as safe working zones are set for the machine
  • Reduction in over-dig incidence through setting of depth limitations
  • Significant reduction in operator safety setting workload
  • Faster task completion


  • Harnesses two mature and approved technologies to rapidly advance site innovation
  • Leadership in construction site digital innovation
  • Investment with measurable return
  • Comprehensive product roadmap with ongoing enhancements
  • Combines with Prolec Insite for comprehensive management control 




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