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Fully compliant with the latest UK and EU standards for road-rail excavators, PMERail has been designed for the safety-critical needs of rail projects.  Delivering intuitive hazard mitigation for your on-track and off-track operations. PMERail combines RCL (Rated Capacity Limiter), height and slew technology to protect your operators, assets and the passing public.     




Work safer

Keeps operators safe from collisions with surrounding hazards while mitigating the risk of over-lifting.

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Save costs

Mitigates the chance of damaging critical infrastructure, keeping your projects on budget. 

Work smarter

Provides real-time logging of operations, allowing review of data for up to 30 days. 

Be future proof

Helps grow your business by avoiding costly incidents. 

Save time

Improves productivity by minimising the risk of machine downtime.

Be compliant

Fully compliant with UKRIS1530 and Europe’s EN15746 standards for road rail (hi-rail) excavators.