Explore PME700

High-reach demolition projects are known to be hazardous operations. That’s why the PME700 range is designed with one key goal in mind: safety. PME700 ensures that stability is maintained by monitoring the machine’s position. This keeps movement within safe working limits to protect operators, assets and critical infrastructure.    



James Fisher Prolec PME700


Work safer

Continuously monitors the long-reach boom for enhanced stability while protecting operators from falling debris. 


Save costs

Working Range Indicator (WRI) allows smaller machines to be used in demolition projects, reducing operating and transportation costs.  

Work smarter

Simple, icon-based display and quick set-up delivers long-reach boom monitoring without the hassle.

Be future proof

A cut above the rest in excavator safety, maximising protection to prevent costly incidents.

Save time

Mitigates the chance of incidents that cause delays to production schedule.

Be compliant

Complies with the machinery directive’s latest standards.