PME700 maximises safety and the operational value of your demolition fleet.

Demolition is a dangerous business. Pulling down a building demands skill, control and planning. James Fisher Prolec’s working range indicator enables operators to increase functionality without compromising safety, allowing smaller machines to be used and therefore reducing operating and transportation costs. 

James Fisher Prolec’s solution for the high-reach demolition market, PME700 is ideal for superior demolition safety and constantly monitors the machine across all planes providing real-time indication of the precise position of the demolition tool. 

In recent years the size and reach capabilities of high and ultra-high reach demolition machines, along with their deployment has increased dramatically. As a result, demolition stability monitors (DSMs) or working range indicators (WRI) are become increasingly used in today’s highly professional demolition market. PME700 will indicate the safe zones of the machine ensuring operators can fully utilise the machine’s capacity.

The system also continually calculates the distance between the demolition tool and the cab to ensure that falling debris doesn’t strike the cab. PME700 can also be tailored to include overload, tool weight, drop zone protection and slew dependent working ranges, for non-standard long-reach demolition equipment. 

For more information, please read the PME700 user manual. 

Equally, if you're already looking to purchase a system, please find a distributor using the link below or contact us for more bespoke requirements.



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  • High-reach demolition excavators

  • Multiple boom layouts can be stored

  • Backward stability function

  • “Drop zone” warning function

  • Multiple tools stored with corresponding envelope

  • Real-time lifting height displayed through the range
  • Audible and visual alarm at or near limits
  • Full data logging of all actions including alarms and limit warnings
  • Displays boom movement options when near height limits
  • Variable or pre-set height limits can be input and locked
  • Override for supervisors on screen
  • Context-specific icons display status on screen
  • External keyswitch, alarm and beacon inputs possible (UK law requires external alarm fitted)
  • Telescoping boom inputs (hardware required)
  • Multiple boom configurations possible (may need software changes)
  • Alternative language files selectable
  • Alternative angle and load sensor inputs possible (hardware required)
  • Failsafe variants available (hardware required)
  • Hydraulic control on movement at limit (H, E variants)
  • Control on depth, maximum and minimum radius (E variant required)
  • Full cab protection including complex shapes and movements possible (E variant required)

PME700 – demolition stability monitor