Explore PME400

PME400 limits height, reach, slew, and depth to mitigate surrounding fixed hazards. Ideal for confined central reservations and packed civil spaces, PME400’s virtual wall system expands your safe working zone when compared with angular solutions. This means operators can work safely next to the passing public with extended working range. 



James Fisher Prolec PME400 data sheet


Work safer

Protects operators from collisions with surrounding hazards by restricting machine movement to safe working zones.


Save money

Mitigates the risk of collisions with critical infrastructure, protecting your bottom line. 

Work smarter

Simple, icon-based display and quick set-up delivers hazard mitigation without the hassle.  


Be future proof

Helps grow your business by preventing costly incidents, while opening the door to new projects.

Save time

Improves productivity by limiting machine downtime.

 Be compliant

Meets the latest regulatory standards for excavator height and slew limiting.