pcX-Pro represents the latest innovation in precision machine control, maximising the performance of your fleet.

James Fisher Prolec’s pcX-Pro is a highly advanced guidance system which revolutionises ease of use, efficiency, and performance when compared with conventional systems.

The system uses 3D design (DTM) models and state of the art GNSS technology to constantly monitor the position of the machine and bucket in relation to the design model in real-time, providing cut and fill indications displayed in the cab, allowing you to rapidly excavate to the reference design with an extremely high level of accuracy. With the system providing real-time depth positioning in reference to the design model, pcX-Pro enables operators to complete very complex projects whilst eliminating the need for grade checking, over-excavation and re-work.

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Unique in the machine control world, pcX-Pro has the capability to combine civilmarine and specialist guidance offering unsurpassed flexibility and performance. The system integrates with a diverse range of tool types for marine and specialist works including cable grabs; drilling & piling rigs and barge-mounted excavators.

Dredging control software:

pcX-Pro is also JF Prolec's flagship dredging control system, monitoring dredging operations through machinery guidance to achieve highly accurate positioning and eliminating over-excavation.


Import of files is simplified through the use of James Fisher Prolec’s unique “Pro Job” software allowing multiple file formats to be easily converted to the most efficient terrain map and then similarly exported on the completion of the job. The system will run almost any positioning (GNSS) system so you are guaranteed hassle-free setup and wide applicability regardless of the positioning solution on site.

  • Runs with and without GNSS input
  • Up to four views at once on screen
  • 3D full-colour progress maps
  • Icon driven menu with customisable favourites
  • Pan/zoom and rotate feature for improved visibility of work area
  • Fully removable touchscreen computer (can be transported between multiple excavators)
  • Monitors bucket position precisely in real time
  • Configurable slew monitor status indicator 
  • On target indicator
  • Multiple tool point positions for precision grading
  • “Stakeout” function provides guidance in rock armour placement
  • Configurable auto zoom and “rainbow” bucket features 
  • Configurable deadband and cross hairs displayed when digging
  • Configurable data shown on display – distance to target, depth etc. 
  • Configurable avoidance zones, chainage lines and POI (can be exported from works also) 
  • Pro Job software allowing import and export of multiple file formats
  • Ruggedised large display for ease of use and personalisation

  • Icon driven menu allows use in any language and without extensive training

  • Industry benchmark for speed of operation and response

  • Productivity gains in double digits through efficiency and removal of waste

  • Multiple views and configurations tailored to suit your requirements

  • Wide applicability including basic excavation, dredging, piling and revetment works

  • Excavators

  • Backhoe loaders

  • Barge-mounted cranes

  • Crane-mounted grabs

  • Piling rigs

  • Drilling rigs

  • Specialist machinery

  • Multiple sensor options fully compatible with the base hardware
  • Sensor variants for marine and long reach operation
  • GPS compass for superior 2D heading display
  • Tilting bucket options
  • Versions for proprietary machinery (e.g. Watermaster)
  • Other displays available (consult James Fisher Prolec for compatibility)
  • Multiple languages
  • Machine and tool configuration can be altered to suit specific applications and one-off requirements
  • Rental scheme

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