Digmaster Pro

Digmaster Pro drives productivity and accuracy in the demanding civil infrastructure environment.

Digmaster Pro is an extremely powerful 3D machine guidance package giving the user a wide range of functions to enable accurate right-first-time excavation for both cut and fill operations. The 3D guidance system can operate in GPS and Non-GPS modes and utilises 3D design (DTM) models and state of the art GNSS technology to constantly monitor the position of the machine and bucket in relation to the design model.

Information is then displayed to the operator in real-time, providing cut and fill indications displayed in the cab, allowing you to rapidly excavate to the reference design with an extremely high level of accuracy. A 2D progress map is also displayed inside the cab, allowing operators to easily identify areas requiring re-work. With the system providing real-time depth positioning in reference to the design model, Digmaster Pro enables very complex projects to be undertaken, whilst eliminating the need for grade checking, over excavation and re-work.

Flexibility as standard:

Digmaster Pro is a flexible product for excavator machine guidance allowing operators to choose between working in 3D or 2D according to need. Compared with similar systems, Digmaster Pro has superior functionality and a much larger display to enable operators to better utilise the system’s capabilities throughout the working range. With extensive configurability and options, the display can be tailored to show exactly what is required at any point in the excavating cycle.

Import of files is simplified through the use of James Fisher Prolec’s unique “Pro Job” software allowing multiple file formats to be easily converted to the most efficient terrain map and then similarly exported on the completion of the job. Digmaster Pro will run almost any positioning (GNSS) system, and requires minimal set up on site, regardless of the positioning system in use. 

For more information, please download the Digmaster Pro datasheet or read the Digmaster Pro user manual. 

Equally, if you're already looking to purchase a system, please find a distributor using the link below or contact us for more bespoke requirements.



  • Excavators

  • Backhoe loaders

  • Superior display for ease of use and personalisation

  • Icon driven menu allows use in any language and without extensive training

  • Industry benchmark for speed of operation and response

  • Productivity gains in double digits through efficiency and removal of waste

  • Consistency of operation regardless of skill level

  • 2D and 3D modes available as needed (GNSS required)

  • Icon driven menu with customisable favourites

  • Pan/zoom and rotate feature for improved visibility of work area

  • Fully removable touch screen computer with Windows™ operating system

  • Precise indication of bucket position in real-time

  • Multi-coloured progress maps for easy review of work progress

  • Visual on-target indicators (depth, distance to target etc.

  • Multiple tool point positions for precision grading

  • Auto zoom and “rainbow” bucket features

  • Configurable deadband and cross hairs for excavation 

  • Slew monitor status indicator

  • Configurable avoidance zones, chainage lines and POI (can be exported from works also)

  • Pro Job software allowing import and export of multiple file formats

  • Multiple sensor options fully compatible with the base hardware

  • Bespoke tool design

  • Sensor variants for marine and long reach operation

  • GPS compass for superior 2D heading display

  • Tilting bucket integration

  • Versions for proprietary machinery (e.g. Watermaster)

  • Almost universal acceptance of GNSS systems

  • Alternative displays (consult James Fisher Prolec for compatibility)

  • Rental scheme available