Machine control

Carry out excavation designs to a high level of accuracy with our precise excavator machine control systems.

Machine Control is the application of software and positioning technologies to make you more productive when excavating, grading, dredging or piling. By following the guidance of the in-cab display, operators can typically improve their productivity between 30 to 50%, offering benefits that conventional excavation cannot.

When using an excavator on-site your costs are directly related to how long work takes and how much material is moved. James Fisher Prolec’s machine control systems contribute to your potential for profit and offer opportunities to maximise machine usage while minimising re-work and errors. James Fisher Prolec’s machine control systems ensure reduced set out, improved quality, lower fuel use, and subsequent wear and tear on the machine; less checking and re-work and faster job turnaround.

2D machine control:

Our 2D guidance simplifies grading and precise excavation. The excavator is configured to measure accurately using the boom and other articulations to the bucket. The machine can then know precisely where it is digging in relation to a known starting point, allowing the operator to dig a profile or depth with precision. This “two-dimensional” view of the operation can be replicated again and again giving good coverage and precise grades across surprisingly wide areas. 2D machine control systems do not rely on an external reference and can be installed and operated simply without specialist knowledge.

3D machine control:

3D machine control is more complex. Whilst this achieves similar results as James Fisher Prolec’s 2D control system it benefits from a richer data environment and precise GNSS positioning. The machine’s productivity is enhanced further as the external reference is constantly updated using RTK positioning, whilst the digging profile is maintained on the machine to provide a visual cut or fill indication to operators.

James Fisher Prolec’s machine control systems provide absolute flexibility in configurability, while maintaining the responsiveness and clarity of all products. The system allows operators and managers unparalleled functionality from competitors systems integrating with a range of tool types and machines.

James Fisher Prolec's Machine Control systems: