Height limiters

A range of tools to restrict the working height of excavators, backhoes, telehandlers, cranes, forklifts and other machinery requiring height limitation.

When operating in a confined space or operating under site mandate you should fit height limiting equipment to your plant machinery. All lifting and articulating equipment will benefit from a height limiter and can be retrofitted to detect and prevent movement towards or through a pre-determined height limit. Options such as simple switches and even chains are offered as height limiters but these are, at best, poor substitutes for a proper height limiting system that takes account of the machine’s full range of movement.

Fitting a height limiter to your machines demonstrates a standard of safety across your operations. Choosing a height limiter is a complex task and multiple factors need to be considered to ensure the system used suitable for the applications required.

James Fisher Prolec's height limiting systems:

James Fisher Prolec offers multiple options, all of which provide robust compliance and allowing you to operate in confidence across a range of environments.

Like our lifting safety products, our height limiting systems are based on the 'Pro' safety platform which offers many benefits to the user:, including; variable parameter height limits; controls on who can set the limits; full range of movement within the machine’s working envelope; multiple options for measuring angle and movement of the machine’s boom; traceability and compliance with code requirements in mandated industries.

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Height limiters