Extended warranty

James Fisher Prolec's extended warranty provides peace of mind beyond the standard one year coverage ensuring your products are protected to run efficiently and safely.

James Fisher Prolec currently includes a one year warranty package as standard with all its products to ensure you get the best out of your systems. Now, we are offering new, extended warranty to provide additional peace of mind by ensuring your products are covered beyond the usual first year expiration date, to keep you running at maximum efficiency, reliability and safety whatever the environment.

This new protection is available as either an inspection or a warranty package.

Focusing solely on reassurance and maintenance, the inspection package provides you with the confidence that your Prolec product is still operating at the level you've come to expect, with an official inspection document to confirm it.

As part of this package, our fully trained and expertly qualified engineers will come out to you, inspect your James Fisher Prolec product and generate an authentic document of inspection so you know exactly how your product is behaving and to make it easier for you to gain access to select sites.

Offering all the benefits of the inspection package, the warranty package boasts an inspection of your product and the inspection document for free, a re-calibration of your machine performed on site and the protection of your James Fisher Prolec product for an additional 12 months against mechanical or technical problems.

This is the ultimate in product sustainability, providing you with confidence in your productivity and safety.

Register your product for extended warranty

One of our representatives will be in touch within 72 hours to arrange the inspection of your James Fisher Prolec product.

Please note: prices are determined by the age of your James Fisher Prolec product at the time of registering for extended warranty, the package selected and the length of extended warranty chosen. James Fisher Prolec does not currently offer extended warranty on machines over or of 5 years of age.

For more information please see James Fisher Prolec's terms and conditions.