PME2D continues the journey towards an integrated, single solution for your control and safety needs.

PME2D offers all the features you’d need from a 2D guidance product, providing accurate and quick grade control in common civil engineering applications. Pre-set profiles allow you to dig to depth or grade to a known profile first time without under or over cutting, saving you time, re-work and excess material. Tool addition and measurement have been re-designed, simplifying the selection and editing of slopes, cross sections, trenches and simple grading. 
PME2D replaces our standalone 2D guidance product, Digmaster, with an integrated system built onto our modular safety system, meaning you can integrate any safety feature offered by James Fisher Prolec with this machine control product, or use it as a standalone system.
When integrated with a compatible safety product, PME2D can be configured to maintain all pre-set limits (height, slew, cab protection and depth) while operating the guidance system. You can operate safely and in compliance with codes and site rules with only one hardware solution. No other manufacturer can offer you this combination of safety, productivity and control in one easily installed and easily calibrated product.

Equally, if you're already looking to purchase a system, please find a distributor using the link below or contact us for more bespoke requirements.



Prolec Smart Product Protection




Protect my product
  • Excavators

  • Backhoe loaders

  • One system/many jobs

  • Works with existing PME safety systems

  • Virtually no extra hardware required

  • Maintains pre-set safety limits even when digging

  • Productivity gains by removing re-work and reducing checking

  • Material savings and lower fuel use

  • Real time lifting height displayed through the range
  • Audible and visual alarm at or near limits
  • Full data logging of all actions including alarms, and limit warnings
  • Displays boom movement options when near height limits
  • Variable or pre-set height limits can be input and locked
  • Override for supervisors on screen
  • Context-specific icons display status on screen
  • Hydraulic control on movement at limit (H, E variants)
  • Control on depth, maximum and minimum radius (E variant required)
  • Full cab protection including complex shapes and movements possible (E variant required)
  • External keyswitch, alarm and beacon inputs possible (UK law requires external alarm fitted)
  • Telescoping boom inputs (hardware required)
  • Multiple boom configurations possible (may need software changes)
  • Alternative language files selectable
  • Alternative angle and load sensor inputs possible (hardware required)
  • Failsafe variants available (hardware required)
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PME2D – Integrated 2D machine control

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