Dredging control systems

Dredging control systems that drive productivity and improve accuracy for excavation when visibility is compromised.

James Fisher Prolec’s dredging control systems drive productivity ensuring the job is completed right-first-time to the required grades. The systems facilitate reduced set-up, improved quality, less checking and re-work making for faster and more accurate excavation in demanding environments where visibility is either poor or non-existent.

Due to the nature of dredging, many contractors need to utilise specialist tools to undertake projects, from long-reach booms, specialist grabs, rock cutting implements and unique buckets.

James Fisher Prolec’s dredging guidance packages are easily configured to operate with bespoke tools and machine layouts having been deployed in numerous applications across the globe. James Fisher Prolec’s high-end dredging systems are extensively configurable while maintaining the responsiveness and clarity associated with all our machine guidance systems.

James Fisher Prolec's systems for dredging control: