Cab protection

Cost-effective cab protection to protect the machine’s and operators cab from strikes by the boom

Many modern machines, especially long reach and those with multiple articulations, can move their boom, articulation or dipper into positions that could strike the machine's superstructure or cab. This needs to be controlled accurately and consistently to keep your machine and operator working productively.

James Fisher Prolec's unique core code means you can get cab protection without extra hardware installation and ensure the machine’s cab and body are protected from strikes by the boom. As James Fisher Prolec's systems can easily handle complex geometry, cab protection can be designed and incorporated into the machine’s configuration at installation. The systems can be configured to also include protection for elevating and moving cabs with almost no extra hardware giving the operator the largest and most well-defined working envelope possible.

The nature of James Fisher Prolec's systems is that you can get the functionality required with limited or no extra cost of hardware. This feature is available and can be configured in almost all of the systems offered by James Fisher Prolec.

James Fisher Prolec's systems for cab protection:

Cab protection.jpg

Cab protection