Weighloader ADT

Highly accurate and reliable on-board weighing to maximise the operational value of your articulated dump trucks (ADT).

James Fisher Prolec’s Weighloader ADT offers a unique solution to the problem of on-board weighing on articulated dump trucks, providing an unrivalled level of accuracy and usability.

Unlike external scale units that are designated for specific weighing sites (often in mines and quarry sites), Weighloader ADT provides the ultimate in efficiency and throughput. Operators can immediately record and print-out weight data from the convenience of the cab, revolutionising the payload management processes for many industry applications.

James Fisher Prolec’s on-board weighing system for articulated dump trucks (ADT) provides operators with a seamless weighing process, advanced throughput, and enhanced efficiency whilst also aiding in compliance to load limit regulations. Weighloader ADT has been designed specifically for ADTs and is highly robust, employing very few moving parts ensuring a simple but highly accurate solution for weighing tasks.

For more information, please download the Weighloader ADT datasheet or read the Weighloader ADT user manual. 

Equally, if you're already looking to purchase a system, please find a distributor using the link below or contact us for more bespoke requirements.



  • Articulated dump trucks

  • Right first time loading

  • Faster loading cycles

  • Monitor dump truck production

  • Track product movements

  • Reduced fuel consumption

  • Ensure road traffic regulation compliance 

  • Accuracy >3% (ground condition dependant)
  • Automated operation 
  • Multiple products and sites
  • Easy to use operator interface 
  • Operators trim facility for optimum performance
  • Target weighing mode 
  • Approach to target and overload warning
  • Configurable to fit most ADT brands
  • Radio link and receiver station for download
  • Optional telemetry based communication
  • Optional fleet management
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Weighloader ADT