On-board weighing

Easy to use and cost-effective, James Fisher Prolec’s on-board weighing system for construction plant, radically improves the efficiency of material handling and haulage operations.

From mining and quarry applications to waste handling, on-road trucks, rail ballast filling and industrial forklifts, customers demand systems to achieve maximum productivity and compliance of material handling operations. James Fisher Prolec’s range of onboard weighing systems provides operators with a seamless weighing process, advanced throughput, and enhanced efficiency whilst also aiding in compliance with load limit regulations.

James Fisher Prolec’s versatile systems are suitable for wheeled (front) loaders, forklifts, telescopic handlers and articulated dump trucks, providing both static and dynamic on-board weighing. The system simplifies collating the overall loaded weight and is highly robust, employing few moving parts to ensure a simple but highly accurate solution for basic weighing tasks. Weighloader and Weighloader ADT provide facilities for target or totalise modes of weighing, auto or manual add, taring, multi-material recording and multiple tool selection.

Load control:

Overloading is a serious issue, leading to fines and penalties, as well as additional damage to the machine. Some fleets need more than just the standard overload protection; they actually need to know exactly how much they are carrying. Utilising one of James Fisher Prolec's on-board weighing systems facilitates accurate weighing, allowing you to charge by weight and improve productivity by eliminating under loaded trips.

James Fisher Prolec's systems for on-board weighing:

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On-board weighing

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