James Fisher Prolec's AS10 angle sensor is a direct drive analogue angle sensor for non-marine environments. 

Ideal for use when highly precise height and slew control is required, the AS10 angle sensor is a highly accurate 360-degree mechanical direct-drive angle sensor providing accuracy of just +/-0.3%.

The AS10 provides a reliable, angle independent of dynamic forces and articulation position when combined with a James Fisher Prolec CAN 4-way analogue interface. The AS10 is available in both regular and low profile variants to assist installation in smaller machines and in pivots with difficult access.

If you would like to purchase a system, please find a distributor using the link below or contact us for more bespoke requirements.



Prolec Smart Product Protection




Protect my product
  • Machine control
  • Height limiting systems
  • Slew limiting systems
  • Measurement range - 360° mechanical, 308° electrical
  • Resolution - 0.075°
  • Accuracy - 0.3% typical
  • Signal output - 0-5V analogue output
  • Construction - aluminium
  • Connectors: M12
  • Environmental protection - IP65
  • Operating temperature - -20°C to +60°C
  • Storage temperature - -40°C to +80°C
  • Size - 67mm (height) x 117.5mm (diameter) (excluding linkage)
  • Weight - 0.9kg (excluding linkage)