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Introduction to Prolec

Prolec is recognised as a market leader in safety systems and machine productivity solutions for construction industry and demolition plant.


Safety systems from Prolec

Prolec's safety systems offer a wide range of solutions for applications including excavator lifting, slew and height monitoring and cab protection.


Prolec Machine Engine

PME is a modular, integrated system that controls both safety and efficiency functions. One modular solution serves many different markets and applications.


Weighing solutions from Prolec

ProLoad on-board weighing systems allow right-first-time vehicle loading and have proven to be highly efficient for accurate on-board weighing, helping to make material handling and recycling operations more profitable.


Load safety from Prolec

Safety systems from Prolec provide essential rated capacity indication for safe and efficient lifting, allowing operators to run at full capacity throughout the full operational envelope.


Controlling movement from Prolec

Controlling the movement of excavation and lifting plant is crucial to both safety and productivity. Prolec's systems allow machines to work to full capacity over the entire working envelope.


2D digging systems from Prolec

Accurate and reliable machine guidance is key to getting the job done right first time. Prolec's 2D machine guidance systems offer a cost-effective solution to improved productivity.


3D digging systems from Prolec

The increasing complexity of today's excavation tasks demands three-axis precision. Prolec's 3D machine guidance systems provide centimetre-level accuracy, combining sensors, software and machine position.


Piling and drilling from Prolec

Prolec offers a range of solutions to improve the efficiency of piling and drilling operations.


Dredging solutions from Prolec

Prolec offers a range of machine guidance and control systems, together with marine sensors for dredging and marine engineering applications.


Road-rail systems from Prolec

The safe operation of plant on a rail maintenance site is essential, as safety of the operator, the workforce and the travelling public are all at stake. Prolec developed the first rail safety system and has a quarter century of experience in that industry.


Demolition systems from Prolec

Demolition is a dangerous business that demands skill, control and planning. Prolec provides advanced tools tailor-made for the high-reach demolition market.  


PMEUltra / PMEMax from Prolec

PMERail is Prolec’s premier safety control product. Designed for the Road Rail machinery market it combines a full range of controls on load, height, slew and miscellaneous inputs which are designed to comply with the rigorous UK RIS1530 and EN15746 standards.



Unique in the control and guidance world. One hardware solution to provide guidance and maintain all safety limits when using a PME control product.