Review operations to improve productivity with new Prolec product range

Prolec adds data-logging capabilities to its new range of systems being launched later this Spring.

This extra functionality will allow plant owners and site managers to review operational efficiencies and develop better productivity strategies across a broad range of plant applications and markets. The new Prolec control system already features a huge memory capacity as an inherent part of its microprocessor controller design.

Now the development team is to provide an upgrade option to plant owners and machine operators looking to monitor and review procedures and activities by using that memory space for logging all equipment axis functions, movements and operator instructions from the advanced cab-mounted touchscreen controller. The new data-logging function operates in real-time and can record an impressive 100 million events.

Analyse the operating efficiency of your machinery

Gary Tuffy, director of sales and marketing at Prolec, points out that the data-logging function is not simply about the ability to review problems that may have occurred or where safety mandates were breached; it’s equally about the ability to analyse the operating efficiency of the machinery in order to optimise plant efficiency and site scheduling to improve overall productivity.

“Checking where something went wrong after the event is all well and good, but the real payback for plant operators and site managers is in defining strategies to improve performance going forward. Our new data-logging functions deliver this golden opportunity.”

Claims Tuffy.

Prolec is launching its range of safety and control products based on an all-new modular platform concept in May 2012.