One week to new Prolec product launch

It’s now just one week until 9 May, when safety systems and machine productivity specialist James Fisher Prolec will launch a significant new product at Donnington Park Raceway.

The all-new modular architecture at the core of the Prolec Machine Engine (PME) allows it to address and control a vast range of equipment types. Key to its adaptability is a sophisticated software modelling strategy that precisely determines machine positioning in real-time, irrespective of the machine type. PME’s inherent ability to process specific machine data to produce generic metrics regardless of the task required permits far greater freedom in installation and machine operation.

The Prolec safety controller, complete with its innovative PME core, can be installed on virtually any piece of construction plant to instantly deliver access to a range of safety solutions and address a multitude of equipment applications including lifting safety, height and slew control, overturning protection, reach (radius) control and cab protection. PME users will enjoy a richer experience with enhanced man-machine interfaces and faster processors. A new, robust touch-screen graphical display simplifies operation and clearly displays critical functions and instructions to help boost productivity. Equally important for plant owners is simpler installation, faster turnaround and better reliability than existing solutions, along with a defined upgrade path from simple to complex machine safety and guidance solutions.

Here, PME is at the heart of a solution that allows minimum-cost upgrades simply by uploading fresh controller code instead of installing totally new systems from scratch. Owners need therefore invest only the features needed today but can easily add extra functions as workload demands. At the product launch next week, Prolec will focus on the safety field, in particular offering elegant replacement solutions to its legendary Liftwatch and Heightwatch ranges.

All PME product solutions are developed with OEM fitment in mind and can be integrated into any machine’s data gathering or measuring systems.

“This will help to improve machine efficiency through better driver feedback along with important traceability functions like data storage and transfer, and easier integration with third party measurement systems.”

Says Gary Tuffy, sales and marketing director at Prolec.