Telehandler height limiter install

The Environment Agency (EA) chose James Fisher Prolec’s PME100 height and 2D envelope monitor required a height limiting system for its new Merlo telehandler. 

Real-time height restriction was required to maintain the safe operation of EA’s telehandlers for jobs around their yard. PME100CZH – a system designed specifically for use with telehandlers – was fitted. As well as standard hardware this specification featured an angle sensor, a CAN reeling drum and motion cut valves.

The system was fit for purpose – the drum reel was mounted on the boom to monitor the extending boom length and provide real time height. When the safe working envelope is reached, the motion cut valves are activated, restricting the telehandler from operating outside its safe working envelope.

If needed the system is also set to restrict horizontal travel of the boom or restrict it from going lower than a defined point using PME100’s 2D envelope monitoring feature.

“I think this system is amazing. I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s easy to set up and calibrate, and works exactly as you would expect. It’s a well finished, polished and professional looking piece of kit, and it’s easy to make it look factory or OEM.”

Stephen Bethell, Dennis Barnfield Service Manager.