Stock control and weighing

WBB Minerals, a large clay quarrying company, uses Prolec’s Weighloader ADT for stock movement and stock control. 

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Developed in conjunction with WBB, Weighloader ADT allows the efficient management of the movement of up to 1200 tonnes of ball clay per day. 

The system requires minimum operator intervention by using the load and dump brake on the articulated hauler. When applied the system automatically tares, and when released the loaded weight is recorded in the computer and simultaneously transmitted to the stock control office via radio telemetry. 

An additional feature included the ‘approach to load’ external beacon which warned the driver of the loading plant (in this case an excavator) upon approach to the target load.

WBB’s operations manager commented that the electronics fit well with their existing systems and give them the huge benefit of accurate stock control. A further advantage of the Weighloader system provides overload protection to ensure that the ADTs are always carrying the optimum weights for maximum output. Helping to increase machine life and reduce maintenance and repairs costs.